The Art of Gifting


The absolute knowledge of our clients’ wishes with the creativity to deliver it with complete professionalism – and just a touch of drama.

Our Floral Studio boasts designers of excellent experience, whose mission is to create breathtaking arrangements, customized gift baskets, and exotic potted flower displays, using the freshest, hand-selected products and inspiring containers.

We offer perfect pairings of gifts to accompany our designs. Unique and interesting pieces gathered from around the country, and around the world, to grace your home, or be shipped to that loved one far away.

At Bellagio Florist etc. we recognize that a special occasion or corporate event must always cater to the hosts’ unique vision. Whether you are planning an intimate dinner for two, a wedding day, or a corporate event, our designers have the skills and imagination to bring your dreams to reality.

We are on a continuing journey to bring you products that will excite your senses and stimulate your imagination – come travel with us.